Brasov, the 7th Romanian-German Symposium of Gastroenterology
Friday, October 22, 2021

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Opening Remarks

Session I. GI and Liver Diseases – Screening and Diagnosis

Andreas Geier, Würzburg: Strategies for NAFLD diagnosis – from high tech to clinical reality
Paul J. Porr, Sibiu: The intestinal microbiota and metabolic diseases
Roxana Sirli, Timisoara: Chronic liver disease and diabetes mellitus
Markus Lerch, Greifswald: Novel biomarkers for pancreatic diseases
Michael Sackmann, Bamberg: GAVE
Dan L. Dumitrascu, Cluj: Are H2 breath tests useful?


Coffee Break

Session II. GI Diseases – Diagnosis and Therapy

Laurentiu Nedelcu, Brasov: Proton Pump Inhibitors – between use and overuse
Jörg Köninger, Stuttgart: Rationale of surgical resection in oligometastasing upper GI cancer
Mircea Diculescu, Bucharest: IBD prospect RN, a National database for IBD between needs and accomplishments
Adrian Goldis, Timisoara: Management of fibrosis in Crohn’s disease
Tilo Andus, Stuttgart: Inflammatory bowel disease – current treatment


Lunch break and poster evaluation


Session III. Chronic Liver Diseases

Martina Müller-Schilling, Regensburg: Infectious complications in Critically Ill Liver Failure Patients
Stephan Schmid, Regensburg: Acute-on-chronic liver failure – new prognostic scores and treatment options
Helmut Karl Seitz, Heidelberg: The role of cytochrome P4502E1 in alcoholic liver diseases: from pathophysiology to treatment
Sebastian Müller, Heidelberg: Genetic modulation of fibrosis progression by PNPLA3 and MBOAT7: What can we learn from alcohol detoxification studies?
Peter Galle, MainzImmune therapy of HCC
Zeno Sparchez, Cluj: Treatment of HCV infection in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.


Coffee break


Session IV. Endoscopy and Ultrasound

Alexander Hann, Würzburg: Diagnostic accuracy of EUS-FNA/FNB for the evaluation of pancreatic mass lesions
Marcel Tantau, Cluj: Current status in cholangioscopy and pancreatoscopy
Ioan Sporea, Timisoara: Ultrasound based elastography for the evaluation of portal hypertension
Ernst Michael Jung, Regensburg: Image Fusion and CPUS Perfusion imaging for monitoring liver tumor treatments by TACE and ablation therapies
Michael Jung, Mainz: How to manage the problem of MRGN contaminated duodenoscopes – Sterilization, disposable endoscopes or what?


Präsentation: Kurze Geschichte von Kronstadt (Brasov)

Closing remarks, and Poster awards